Our Work

ESF’s mission is twofold. First we will promote awareness amongst clinicians, researchers, and the public about groundbreaking research in rare breast cancers. Second, ESF will sponsor high impact research in drug and diagnostic discovery. In these activities ESF will maintain an ownership stake in the intellectual property, and will promote commercial development through industry and/or academic routes. Through this mechanism ESF will strive to build a sustainable and growing foundation to help future patients with rare breast cancers. Contact us at info@elizabethsmiderfoundation.org.

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About Elizabeth Smider

Elizabeth Smider was a vibrant wife and mother of two young children when she was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer on a screening mammogram in 2007. She fought the disease through multiple chemotherapy regimens, including clinical trials, and ultimately passed away on Christmas Eve, 2008. She inspired her family, friends, and others who witnessed her grace and determination through her battle. Elizabeth worked as an optometrist in San Francisco and San Diego and was dedicated to helping her patients. Her family and friends started ESF in 2009 to continue the fight against the disease that took her from her loved ones.